Ditch The Cash Register

Cash registers are obselete when compared to the technology that is available today.  Much like cars replaced carriages, point of sale (POS)systems were created to make life easier.  The costs involved in maintaining a cash register include not only money for technicians to program and repair the unit, but also time spent manually tracking sales.  Unlike a point of sale system, which can be used to manage various aspects of your business, a cash register can only accept sales data and lacks versatility.  A POS can be used for online ordering, email, reporting (sales, inventory, etc.) and keeping a database of your regular customers.  Cash registers often require training in the layout of the keys, but with a POS system you are using a touch screen with a keyboard and mouse just like a computer.  Using a touch screen is significantly faster than the multiple keystrokes needed for a cash register which allows you to serve your customers much faster.  So ditch the cash register and switch to a point of sale system today!